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      初二英语作文带翻译:how to keep healthy

      专题:作文题目 | 时间:2019-02-27 | 来源:作文大全 | 人气:6

      篇一:keep healthy 英语作文带翻译

      More and more people get fatter and fatter, so people should keep healthy. So how can we keep healthy? Here are some good ways.  We should eat healthy food every day, such as vegetables, fruits...

      Don’t eat fast  food and too much meat. It can be very harmful.  Play sports is very important. We should go to school on foot instead of car. After supper, we can go for a walk. 

      Sleep 8 hours is necessary, so we should sleep every day. And we should often laugh or smell. It’s important!

      Do you have any of these ways? Let’s keep healthy!





      篇二:how to keep healthy 的二英语作文

      All of us want to be healthy. What should we do to keep healthy?

      First, we should eat more fruit and vegetables and less meat every day. We shouldn’t eat too much meat or fast food. Second, it’s necessary for us to have enough sleep. It will keep you active during the day. Third, exercising often is also a good way to keep healthy. Such as running, swimming ,playing basketball and so on. Finally, we should keep our rooms clean and the air fresh all the time.   

      If you try to do that, you’ll be a healthier person.




      篇三:keep healthy 初二英语作文100字

      Every one wants to keep healthy today, especially our students. But we don’t pay attention to our health. Some of them go to school without breakfast in the morning. Some students and pupils play computer games or watch TV all day, especially at the weekends. Many boys think it is cool to drink or smoke.

      It is important for us to have good habits. We should eat breakfast every morning. We can watch TV or play games for a short time, then have a rest. We also can take part in some clubs. I think it is necessary for us to keep healthy.



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