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      Hello, everyone!My name is Winnie. I'm a 15 years old girl. I live in the beautiful city of Rizhao.

      I'm an active, lovely, and clever girl. In the school my favorite subject is math. Perhaps someone thinks it's difficult to study well. But I like it. I believe that if you try your best, everything can be done well.

      I also like sports very much. Such as, running, volleyball and so on. I'm kind-hearted. If you need help, please come to me.I hope we can be good friends!

      OK. This is me .A sunny girl.


      My name is XX. I am from XX. There are 5 people in my family.

      My father works in a computer company. He is a computer engineer. My mother works in a international trade company. She is also a busy woman. I have a older sister and a younger brother. My sister is a junior in National Taiwan University. She majors in English. My brother is an elementary school student. He is 8 years old.[作文大全www.10658900.com]

      Because of my father, I love surfing the Internet very much. I play the on-line game for about 2 hours every day. I wish I could be a computer program designer in the future. And that is why I am applying for the electronics program in your school.


      Everybody is good, my name is called He xuan, my English name is called Angle.

      Everybody knew that Angle is the angel meaning, I hoped that I forever can look like the angel equally happily, joyful, is carefree all day! I in the sixth grade, faced with rose the middle school now, father and mother, grandfather paternal grandmother, teacher schoolmates place the very big expectation to me, I will certainly not disappoint their expectation, will study diligently, passes an examination junior middle school's key class!

      In the future will become social a person of great ability and tremendous potential, will make the contribution for the motherland!

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