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      五年级我的一天英语作文50字(My Day)

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      英语作文my day带翻译50词】

      Do you know what I am going to do on the Sunday Wellin the morningI am playing badmintoon and basketball with my friends .Maybe it`s so tired but I will excited.In the afternoonI am surfing the Internet and getting much information from the computer.In the eveningI will sleep early.Because I don`t want to arrive late for my school.This is my day`s plan.

      How about yours?




      I have a good day today.

      I went to school with my friend XX in the morning. We got there early and clean the classroom with my classmates together. The teacher praised me for it. In the afternoon we had a PE the teacher taught me to play basketball. After school I played a coputer game with my friends at home after I have done my homework.




      Last Sunday,I had a great time.

      I went to the countryside with my family.I had never seen such blue sky. The air is fresh and there are lots of beautiful flowers.We had a picnic there,and then we went fishing 、went camping and fle kites.We talked 、played and laughed. All the thing we could see is just happiness.We took a lot of photos to remember the happy day.

      What a wonderful day!




      五年级我的一天(My Day)英语作文】

      Today is Tuesdayit's a lovely day.

      The sunshine is brightly and make me have a nice feel!The birds out of the window is singingthe flowers are dancing.The wind surrounding you make people feel nice.In this lovely day I want do my best to do not only my homeworkbut also my housework.I wish only I do this can make my mum happy!




      My name is Xiaoyili .

      I am in holidays . I am get bed at 8 o`clock . I put on my clothes and wash my face and rinse my mouth at 8:10 . At 11:30 I eat lunch . I after having lunch at 12:00 . In the afternoon I do my summer holiday homework . I finish it at 5:00 . AT 5:10 I watch TV and play computer games . Then I have dinner at 7:30 . I after having supper at 8:00 . Then I downstairs to play with friends . At 11:00 I go to bed .

      What a with pleasure day .




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